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Two Legal Documents You Should Not Live Without

Published in the Itawamba Community College Insight, October 2009 During these uncertain times when Congress and the President are wrestling with healthcare legislation which could directly impact illness and life decisions, are you prepared for your own uncertain times? There are two (2) main issues that need to be addressed regarding “during life” estate planning [...]

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Legendary Lawyer in Mississippi William P. Mitchell

When I was asked to contribute to the “legendary lawyer” series, I polled a number of “gray-haired” lawyers to determine who might qualify as a living “legendary lawyer.” When I approached William P. Mitchell regarding his willingness to share some of his thoughts, Mr. Mitchell stated, “I’m not a legendary lawyer.” I replied, “That’s not what your colleagues think.”

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A Guide to Mechanics’ Liens In Alabama

This article will address the definition of a mechanic’s lien; the use of a mechanic’s lien by a general contractor, subcontractor or material supplier engaged in the construction industry in Alabama; and the legal process associated with creating and enforcing a mechanic’s lien in Alabama. This article is based on Alabama statutory law regarding mechanics’ liens and various cases interpreting this law

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