Legendary Lawyer in Mississippi William P. Mitchell

March 1st, 2003|0 Comments

When I was asked to contribute to the “legendary lawyer” series, I polled a number of “gray-haired” lawyers to determine who might qualify as a living “legendary lawyer.” When I approached William P. Mitchell regarding his willingness to share some of his thoughts, Mr. Mitchell stated, “I’m not a legendary lawyer.” I replied, “That’s not what your colleagues think.”

A Guide to Mechanics’ Liens In Alabama

May 1st, 2000|0 Comments

This article will address the definition of a mechanic’s lien; the use of a mechanic’s lien by a general contractor, subcontractor or material supplier engaged in the construction industry in Alabama; and the legal process associated with creating and enforcing a mechanic’s lien in Alabama. This article is based on Alabama statutory law regarding mechanics’ liens and various cases interpreting this law


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