The above audio is an excerpt from my January 2015 appearance on the Think Radio Program “In Legal Terms” which is part of the Mississippi Public Broadcasting Network.

The adage that ‘you get what you pay for’ is not completely true, but does apply. Estate Planning must be approached properly. Estate Planning decisions are filled with minefields and should be approached with thought and knowledge on a comprehensive basis. The lawyer may not be the only professional involved. A person’s CPA and/or Financial Consultant may also be involved and help with the Estate Planning process.

The Estate Planning process is multi-layered and typically involves decisions by the individual or individuals at the mature higher-end of the family hierarchy (i.e. parents and grandparents). The death process or incapacitation process can be very unsettling. Professional expertise and knowledge applied to your Estate Plan will yield a more well-thought-out plan and better written Estate Plan documents, which will benefit your family and loved ones.