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Business Succession Planning

Your business is your life’s work, but a time of transition eventually confronts every successful business.  Business Succession Plans outline in detail who, what, when, why and how changes in ownership and management are to be executed.  Kantack Law Firm assists clients in establishing strategies to ensure business continuation while helping to maximize the return for a company’s founders.  Proper Business Succession Planning is a valuable necessity for any family-owned business and provides a map to ensure future success while creating confidence for customers, lenders, employees and vendors.

Business Succession Planning is a multi-dimensional process which may include reorganizing equity, updating Wills and Trusts, reviewing insurance policies, drafting purchase and employment agreements, and strategizing with other advisors such as accountants, bankers and financial advisors.  Once a Business Succession Plan has been established, it is critically important the completed Plan be reviewed and updated as circumstances change.  We work with you to ensure your Business Succession Plan remains strong and efficient, and provides a stable platform for your business to continue to prosper.

The firm provides specialized skills to clients in such areas as income taxation, other forms of taxation, contract law, Estate Planning, transfer taxation, corporate and other entity governance, debtor and creditor law, lien preferences, asset protection, employment law, and dispute resolution.  The firm applies a multi-disciplinary approach to client service which is both cost-effective and efficient.